May 1, 2009

  • It is hard to believe my daughter’s softball season is almost over.  I have been coaching this team since February.  We can start pretty early here in Southern California because of the mild winters and early spring.  Which means that we often end our season before other teams in the rest of the country start.  I remember traveling to Wyoming in May when a snow storm kicked up. (Not unusual)  I had to visit a Kinkos in town and was surprised to see a grownup head to toe in a baseball uniform copying schedules for his players.  That morning was to be his first team practice but five inches of snow put a chill his plans.  He was not very happy! In fact, I thought there might be some “crying in baseball” that day.  In contrast, my son’s team at the time had already completed their season!  And this poor old coach’s players were throwing snowballs instead of baseballs. 

    So we have been practicing two nights a week under the lights and playing two days a week including doubleheaders and traveling locally for games.  We have made great progress and are set to play for the league championship this Saturday. On paper we should run away with it.  I am very proud of my daughter.  She has played well and practices hard.  On the field and at home.  She plays with intensity and is open to constructive criticism….most of the time!

    To further challenge my aging muscles, I also coach my son’s little league team.  Practicing two days a week and playing two days a week.  At least his practices and games are earlier than my daughter’s on days where their schedules overlap.  I was lucky that I only had one game in conflict with another.  Squeezed in and around are my other kids events.  Being the Chief Shuttle driver and Mr. Mom is tiring.  And I am feeling it!  The joke now seems to be is how many extra events can they surprise me with on a daily basis.  I used to think I was a tough guy but these kids have my number.  I think the word is pushover!  I think I need a rest.  Maybe a nice spa resort replete with landscaped gardens & orchards, championship tennis & golf, a quiet villa under the palms.  I know the place well.  But not until one more month of little league! 


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  • I think that is really wonderful that you coach your children’s teams. I’m sure it means a lot to your kids. My dad coached both my t-ball and soccer teams when I was little. I loved that he took the time to do that!

  • Thanks.  It’s has been a good experience for me too!  –BTB

  • I’ve no kids of my own, but It’s heartening to know that there are still dads who take the time to be with their kids and take an interest in their activities. If all dads were like that, we’d have much less juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, etc.  I applaud you.

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