December 15, 2009

  • Reclining into the Christmas Spirit

    When a blustery winter storm blows into Southern California its does so with great fanfare.   For all the media and local citizenry is a buzz with threats of landslides, flash floods, and other calamities.  These things can, and do, occur so the news value is there as well as ratings.  Rain in the flats and snow in the higher elevations.  I am in a hilly area but certainly not with an elevation worthy enough for the white stuff.  Just as well….I do not own a snow shovel!  Though the clouds like to linger about dumping plentiful rain on my fruit trees and poinsettias.  And so I am happy for that. 

    My oldest son has grown into a strapping young man and is now a wrestler in high school.  A handsome young man and a good student.  Certainly brighter than was I.  I say this in a good spirit, of all the attributes wrestler’s can have, generally good looks are not among those typically mentioned!  It was a tough looking crowd but good looks do not win matches tournaments.  My son did well and I am proud that he works hard at this most challenging of sports. I spent nine hours Saturday shuttling him to school at the crack of dawn and watching matches in a never ending tournament.  I had spent the last two days traveling for business and was ready for a rest.

    The storm had made it’s way in on Saturday and it rained throughout the day.  But the brunt of the storm was to arrive Saturday evening and last through the night.  So as we made our way back home dodging downed tree branches I was looking forward to an evening by the fire.  And this was my reward.  As the wind played with the Christmas lights hanging from the eaves and blew the rain across the deck, I began to relax.  For those of us here in this arid southland have come to appreciate, a big rain storm here can have a similar affect of a big snowstorm can in other parts of the country.  It quiets things down by eliminating so many other activities that we might otherwise by doing over a weekend.  So I sat back and watched it rain.  I put the Christmas music station on from the cable and watched the kids activities going on around me.  They wrapped presents while the cats were fascinated with Mother Nature.  This was all old news to my Chesapeake who was thrilled to think I watching her try to chew a lacrosse ball for hours on end.  I guess it worked, for that is what I did through the evening.  Such is the wild life I lead.


    P.S.  My daughter won her softball championship game. I hope no one was holding their breath! 

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