January 7, 2009

  • Off to the desert!

    I am planning a father/sons event to the Palm Springs area for the Bob Hope Desert Classic.  This will include about six of my friends and our sons to fly/drive in to the desert house for a weekend at the end of this month.  Now the daughters are invited as well (especially mine!).  But at their collective ages, they are young enough to abhor being around all boys who want to play golf around the pool area in their swim suits, fart, and chase frogs at night in the bushes.  And I am talking about the sons…not the fathers!  I think the girls would rather chew a stick of dynamite than have to mix it up with the boys on those terms.  But in a few years…God help me!

    Now, as for the fathers….this is an exceptional group of men if I do say so myself.  The kind you would like your sister’s to marry.  You might not want to marry them because we don’t look like Clooney & Pitt anymore!  Not that we ever did to begin with.  These are guys have known each other for twenty years.  Some even longer.  Steaks, some drinks, tons of talk about golf, politics, business, and kids activities. The same stories over again.  We don’t care.  Huge laughs.  Maybe even some old girlfriend stories.  Not I though.  Well after being a closed book for a couple of decades, I have opened up a little more on that.  Nothing like the GIRLS weekend, or so I understand.  Jeez.  Who knew?!  Of course, none of the guys believed me anyway.  Just as well.

    And the older boys are hanging around the father’s table a lot more now since they are teenagers.  They are finding the old man’s stories are more fun here.  They are all great kids.  We are blessed.  And we have worked hard at being there too.  Not because we have to, but because we love it.  I love planning these events.  And I know my sons love it too. Happy Days.  Far from perfect….but they are Happy Days.

    Does anyone else know of, or participate in events like this?  –BTB


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