Month: December 2008

  • It is just a few days after Christmas and I already miss the holiday music.  Earlier this month while flipping the TV channels I came across a choir from a small college university performing a taped performance on PBS.  They were singing Handel's Messiah and rather well too.  I am not an expert on this piece but I recall there are several beautiful parts.  The work in its entirety is really magnificent and the Halleluah part is really special.  I recently came across this Leonard Cohen song called Halleluah and while it is interesting, I am not sure what he is driving at.  I understand that in Great Britian it simultaneously held the number 1 and 2 spot on the charts this Christmas. One was by a cover artist.  It must speak to many people.  But does it fill whatever need the people seem to have while gravitating to Cohen's work?  I do not know.

    I first heard Handel's Messiah when I was in high school.  An old friend sang in her high school choir which was quite large and an exceptional one   Actually, they were the best I have ever heard. In fact, they were so good that they were once recorded live. At the time, I used like to imagine I could pick out that one angelic voice over all of the others.  And sometimes I thought I did! 

    There are all kinds of Christmas music and I like most all of them.  Give this one a try next year.  If there is a performance in your area, give a try.  You will not be disappointed.  I plan to take my children next year earlier in season before my holiday schedule gets crazy.  And it always does. 

    As I alluded to in the last post, professionally things did glide to a successful and calm end to the year.  I am very fortunate.  I know things are not well with many people and I have been there too in years past.  Life can throw you some nasty curves.  I have learned to expect it.  Personally, it has been a year of great highs and challenging lows.  Last New Year's Day my youngest was involving a nasty sporting accident which requiring plastic surgery.  What a start!  The little guy made a total recovery and you can hardly tell what happened.  We were all very lucky that day.  A couple of inches in either direction and we would have lost him.  It is funny how you can go for years, and for me now, decades without health issues and then they seem to abound all around.  You just keep pushin' and keeping your faith.

    I try to keep those that I love and care about close.  It is not always easy. Every one has their own issues and crosses to bear.  For those who are younger, you will collect some as you move forward.  Expect it. Learn to manage them.  Over time you will begin to handle the rough seas on a more even keel.  And trust me, there was most certainly a time when I didn't.  And when you don't, expect to pay a price.  I have a strong faith in God and, for me, it fills in many of those pondering questions.   I think maybe that Handel's peice had a big impact and stayed with me!

    I hope your New Year is a good and prosperous one!  --BTB




  • Holiday Spirit

    I am beginning to get into the holiday spirit extra early this year!  For the first time in almost a decade it looks as if my year end will be fairly relaxing.  Over the years, my projects have kept me on a rather frenetic pace.  And that's not all bad, for some of those activities are lots of fun and certainly fit into the holiday spirit.  But this year things are wrapping up quite nicely.  Which means a certain amount of frivolity.  Like the guys weekend - replete with flights to the desert house, tee times, cocktails and steak...Ugh, sorry,  I veered right off of Santa Claus Lane! (to be continued)   Meaning to say...With time to catch up on my reading. There a couple of books that are on my stack that I must complete and one that comes highly recommended.  Hmm?!  

    Did you ever have the experience of reading a story and feeling like the author was writing about parts of your own life?  I did recently.  I know of course that it is impossible but there were bits and pieces that were just.....Naw, it couldn't be.  But bust my spurs, I sure wish it was though!  Guess you had to be there. 

    Picked up the new Enya Christmas CD today.  I don't really have any favorites yet.  I do like the way her music takes you places with such wonderful imagery.  --BTB