December 3, 2008

  • Holiday Spirit

    I am beginning to get into the holiday spirit extra early this year!  For the first time in almost a decade it looks as if my year end will be fairly relaxing.  Over the years, my projects have kept me on a rather frenetic pace.  And that’s not all bad, for some of those activities are lots of fun and certainly fit into the holiday spirit.  But this year things are wrapping up quite nicely.  Which means a certain amount of frivolity.  Like the guys weekend – replete with flights to the desert house, tee times, cocktails and steak…Ugh, sorry,  I veered right off of Santa Claus Lane! (to be continued)   Meaning to say…With time to catch up on my reading. There a couple of books that are on my stack that I must complete and one that comes highly recommended.  Hmm?!  

    Did you ever have the experience of reading a story and feeling like the author was writing about parts of your own life?  I did recently.  I know of course that it is impossible but there were bits and pieces that were just…..Naw, it couldn’t be.  But bust my spurs, I sure wish it was though!  Guess you had to be there. 

    Picked up the new Enya Christmas CD today.  I don’t really have any favorites yet.  I do like the way her music takes you places with such wonderful imagery.  –BTB



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  • Yay for getting into the spirit. I really love this time of year. It’s nice to be with friends and families just celebrating everything that’s going on!

  • I know what you mean about the book thing. I actually have it with certain songs/artists too. Or if it doesn’t seem completely parallel to my life, it feels so extremely connected to it as if that person was just inside your head and knows how to get to you. It’s an amazing, and almost out of body feeling.  Enjoy the wonderful holiday cheer this year!

  • Thank you for your comments, it’s really helpful having someone else’s opinion on the things that are going on in my life.  It especially helps to have a male’s perspective, just because you men see things so much differently from us ladies. Much more laid back and sometimes a little more rational. Also, it helps that you don’t really know me so you offer an outsider’s perspective, someone who can look at things objectively. So thanks again.

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