Month: February 2012

  • You've still got it Phil!

    I am not so sure how good a long range weather forecaster ole Phil the groundhog is, but I am amazed how that for over fifty years he never seems to change.  I have grown older and more gray but Phil still rocks.  I'll bet he doesn't even dye his hair.  I do not think that old man winter out in LA got the word about six more weeks of winter because I hear the thermometer is to hit 80 degrees tomorrow.  For what it is worth Phil, thanks and I hope you had fun on your big day!

    My oldest son has glided into his last semester of high school.   It is true that time does fly as you begin to get older.  Don't know why but it is true.   What a great gift he has been. He has been a good student and a tenacious athlete.  He has been accepted into a few universities while awaiting decisions on a several others including his dream school.  I am most gratified at how his character and intellect has developed and how teachers have spoken and written about him.   He has dated a very nice girl for some time with practically no drama.  Who does that?! 

    We have had fun touring the schools and it has allowed me to step back into time.  I have joked with my nephew I'd like to tell my kids of some of my old stories but they wouldn't believe me anyway!  I know he has been leaking some of the info out anyway.  Anyway I know I will miss him when he goes away.   I will have a tough time over that.