Month: May 2010

  • Just Desserts are being Served

    Tonight the Mayor of Los Angeles dines at the White House honoring the President of Mexico.  These events create extraordinary energy.  Behind the speeches and toasts, ambitious men and women play the power game evermore.  Here, the ends, meaning the effect on the citizenry at large is not in question.  It is the opportunity and the pure pleasure of basking among the players that matter.  This is always the way these events operate regardless of who is in power.   And yet the pendulum has not only turned, it is picking up speed rapidly. It is a curious thing to know if the players tonight are aware how quickly the momentum against their policies is building?  From my experience, most of them do know what will happen in November come election day.  A few do not.  Most are simply positioning themselves for the next move.  Such is the game. 

    When the beautiful desserts are served with that oh so rich coffee, I wonder if the aforementioned jet-setting Mayor will think of the $1 billion dollar deficit that hangs over the City.  Or how he will pay for the defined benefit pension plans which require most of the existing deficit.  And how will the last bite of that dessert taste when the thought comes charging into his consciousness that it will grow in just ten years to a $10 billion deficit.  The thought will pass and the game will continue if, only for a while longer. 

    While it may seem I have an axe to grind with this fellow, his little story is representative of so many political leaders.  He is one of many and California is filled with them.  Their hopes and dreams for the people really revolve around their personal desires.  Nothing more. And look how far that has taken us.  While this is a story about current political life here in California, the same scenario plays out throughout the country.  The invitees will be funneled back to the limousines that will take them to hearth and home of whatever measure.  And a question will be ringing in the back of some of their their party really over after all?