Month: February 2009

  • Old frogs never draw the ball, they just fade away...

    The desert trip for the Guys was a great success.  Sunny 84 degree days on the golf course in January.  Old Daddy likes.  My sons had a great to meet some of the best golfers in the world and a few celebs to boot.  The Hope Classic is one the few PGA Tour events where celebs play with the pros throughout the week.  No frogs though!  However....Alice Cooper without makeup looks a little froggy. 

    Sorry to say no real good old girlfriend stories were shared by the old guys.  I did finally have to tell something of my days.   My old girlfriend and I dated a long time throughout high school and into college.  I thought sure we would get married.  And eventually we got other people!  While it didn't work out for us as a couple, we have been married to our respective spouses for a very long time.  More than twenty years and less than one hundred.  My wife and I joke that it feels closer to one hundred.  Somethings it is no joke. When my in-laws celebrated their 60th anniversary, my father-in-law kidded with some of us that the first fifty were the hardest!  Some comfort that is.  But there is some wisdom embedded in the humor if you think about it.

    When we broke up, I had to date four new girls at the same time just to try and keep her out of my mind. Now this wasn't serious dating just the casual....ah hell I was running as hard as I could!  And I had a fifth lined up too.  I don't think she never knew that.  My friends asked if I had run out of energy.  I  laughed....yeah right!    Plenty of energy back then, but not enough pesos to carry on all that dating for very long.   And that wasn't who I really was anyway.  The guys didn't believe me.  HaHa.  And this was before the "Girls had Gone Wild"  Thank God.  I would have never survived or graduated.  I was then able to devout all of my time and energy to my studies.  My GPA went up dramatically to A's.  Just in time too. I am not sure how to even talk about how our relationship ended.  Sometimes today I am not sure what really happened.  I thought I could here...but I can't.  No one can hear this anyway.  Trying to complete a conversation with yourself is hard work.  I guess I am the one who is gun shy.

    Back to the girlfriend.  She married and had children soon thereafter.  Her kids are in universities now and are doing well I guess. By all accounts, she is an outstanding mom.  I saw a picture of her sometime ago and she has grown into the beautiful woman I thought she would.  Her husband sounds like a terrific guy and he has become a great success in his chosen profession.  Patience is a great virtue.  They are leading a blessed life and my guess is that they struggled hard for it.  Like me, nothing was handed to them on silver platter.  Not the wild story you might have imagined,  but a happy one just the same.  --BTB